About O. Poke

O. Poke was established in 2017. Our mission is to serve the freshest quality food to our customers and to contribute to health for the mind and body. In today’s society, many fast food businesses are centered around food that is high in bad fat and low in nutrients; so we wanted to provide a better alternative to our communities to aide in the fight for change.

O. Poke aims to help those looking for a quick meal, discover and consume the better option.

About The Owner

Sophia Sittika has a background in nutrition and health. She is devoted to people’s health and making sure that we are aiming towards a more nutritional and beneficial lifestyle. She strongly believes in the saying “We are what we eat”, and that we should consume more lean proteins and fresh vegetables, which most restaurants today do not serve.

Sophia was inspired to create O. Poke through the love she shared with others for the exotic taste of Hawaiian food and sushi. She felt that Poke is the deliciously right and healthy combination of Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine.